Better cost allocation with Virtual tags

Ensure clear and uniform tags across all your resources and providers

Apply Virtual tags to ensure homogeneity

Implementing virtual tagging guarantees consistent tagging across cloud providers and resources. Reach complete tag coverage to allocate accurately your cloud expenses. Tag resources by team, customer, region, project environment without needing to modify the resource at the provider level. 

Tag resource immediatly

Finops teams can create virtual tags in Holori. Tags are generated right away and there is no need to re-label resources at the provider level and wait for updates or changes. 

It just takes 5 min to get you started with Holori and seamlessly connect AWS, Azure or GCP

Sort, search, allocate with virtual tags

Once virtual tags are applied, you can use tags to filter in your inventory more effectively and more coherently. Couple tags with saved views to search and display the most interesting metrics. 

Visualize and create virtual tags like never before

Holori diagram view let you navigate through your infrastructure and visualize the provider tags and the virtual tags for every resource. It gives you good context when you need to understand previously created tags or when you want to create new ones.

See your GCP tags

See your AWS tags

See your Azure tags