The best DevOps tools launched in November

best DevOps tools november

You are submerged by work and need to automate your tasks? You want to impress your colleagues by working faster, better, stronger? You are the CTO of an innovative startup and want to empower your employees to be at the forefront of technology? Or maybe you are simply lost on Medium and want just to kill time ?

Then you are at the right place ! We have put together a list of the most upvoted DevOps tools of November on Product Hunt.

This month roundup is very security oriented. This is not very surprising as it’s one of the most challenging topic for companies in their cloud adoption journey.

1- Resmo

Discover and secure every asset on cloud & SaaS

PH Launch on 08/11/2022

Upvotes: 564 ▲

Security is one of the highest priority for companies using public cloud. Companies want to have a view of all the cloud assets they have on multiple cloud platforms and evaluate if their assets are secured and compliant with good practices and security framework.

Last month a new tool solving the above issues has been launched on Product Hunt and made it to number 2 “Product of the day”.

Resmo is is a continuous asset visibility, security, and compliance solution for cloud and SaaS. It is able to connect with cloud providers and SaaS tools to query and monitor all resources in one place, run security and compliance audits, and get alerted on violations.

Resmo do the following:

  • Securely integrate with SaaS and cloud platforms to collect new resources and record changes to existing ones
  • Monitor all assets in inventory and user permissions to detect and prevent vulnerabilities (from S3 bucket to repositories)
  • Visualize assets relations in a graph view
  • The tool automatically evaluate the security and compliance of resources and configurations to detect and prevent vulnerabilities


Resmo comes with a free tier plan where users can make up to 100 queries/day. Next plan costs 249$/month and comes with unlimited queries, 10 000 resources and 20 integrations.

2- Apono

Temporary elevated access for developers

PH Launch on 21/11/2022

Upvotes: 553 ▲

Managing cloud assets permissions is a big deal at every company. How to have visibility over all the permissions that have been given to every employee? How to delegate access easily? How to revoke access? How to ensure that it’s compliant with good security practices?

Well, there is one new solution on the market! Introducing Apono, the Centralized Cloud Native Access Management Tool designed for the Public Cloud!

With Apono you can :

  • Gain full visibility over privileged identities, service accounts and their permissions across all cloud resources and data repositories.
  • Provision and unify access to cloud assets and data repositories from a single platform. What’s interesting about Apono here is to give temporary access with the right level of permissions to complete tasks.
  • Continuously monitor over-privileged access and ensure least privilege as your cloud baseline state.

3- Fiberplane

Notion for DevOps

PH Launch on 15/11/2022

Upvotes: 404 ▲

DevOps are like the firefighters of the IT infrastructure. Where Firefighters receive emergency phone calls to be warn about incidents and have talkie walkies embedded in their helmets to collaboratively stop the fires. DevOps now have a collaborative notebook to detect, prioritize and resolve IT issues.

It’s called Firebase and has the following features:

  • Collaborate and peer debug with your teammates inside a notebook in real-time
  • Interface with Prometheus, Grafana Loki and Elasticsearch
  • Query, search, and analyze your logs in Elasticsearch and Loki.
  • The tool provide template that you can use and modify with CLI for faster & repeatable workflows


Fiberplane is currently free for all users. A paying tier should arrive in 2023


Holori diagramming tool helps DevOps and Cloud Architects design their cloud architecture, estimate its cost and turn their dreamed architecture into a live infrastructure.

It is currently compatible with AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, OVH and Scaleway.

Unlike or Lucidchart, Holori is way more than just a drawing tool. The software also provides a cost estimation of the designed architecture as well as recommendations to reduce and control the infrastructure cost.

Once the user has validated the cloud infrastructure, Holori can directly provision the designed infrastructure. An alternative is to export the terraform script of the infrastructure and deploy it yourself.

Last but not least, Holori is able to import an existing infrastructure directly from the cloud providers’ console with read-only permissions. This way, users can visualize their infra and identify potential anomalies.


Holori comes with a free forever plan with some quotas restrictions. The next plan is at 49$/month/user.

4- Ephemeral environments by Bunnyshell

Quickly spin up dev environments on Kubernetes.

PH Launch on 23/11/2022

Upvotes: 174 ▲

With all the innovation done in the past 15 years, development still happens on a laptop, on an environment created manually, configured by hand, and completely different from the production.

After the development is done, developers need to wait for a shared testing environment to test their code.

How often have you asked or heard the question, “Can I have a staging”?

Well Bunnyshell new product does exactly that. It makes developers’ lives easier by allowing them to spin up and down development, staging, and production environments with a pull-request in any cloud.


You can start with Bunnyshell free tier. Next plan is 99$/month for 25 users.

5- Application Hosting by Kinsta

A developer-focused app PaaS

PH Launch on 03/11/2022

Upvotes: 94 ▲

Are you familiar with Heroku? Well Kinsta just launched a similar App hosting platform. Basically developers can deploy their Applications without having to deal with infrastructure complexities.

Where Heroku was deploying on AWS, Kinsta relies on GCP Tier network and C2 machines. Users can choose from from 25 data centers and 200+ CDN PoPs.


It’s usage-based, meaning you can quickly get projects up and running for as little as $0.027/hour. Kinsta offers a voucher of 20$ to start exploring their hosting solution.

6- Cloudflare R2

Zero data transfer fees object storage

PH Launch on 04/11/2022

Upvotes: 79▲

Egress costs are a real nightmare for companies. It can cost a lot of money and it’s really hard to forecast. Large hyperscalers have outrageous egress costs and take a very high margin on what it actually costs them.

It is often considered as the hidden part of the storage costs as it’s not very explicit that you need to pay when your data goes out of the cloud provider. Interestingly when your data goes to the cloud provider it’s free.

Fortunately, Cloudflare released a new cool sub-product. The file objects storage service. Unlike AWS S3, Cloudflare R2 does not charge you for data transfer, only for the storage itself. At least you know for sure what you will pay at the end of the month. No surprises. The service includes S3-compatible API and automatic regions.


Storage price start at $0.015 / GB, per month.

7- Constellation

The first always-encrypted Kubernetes

PH Launch on 03/11/2022

Upvotes: 39▲

Constellation is the most secure way to run Kubernetes. It leverages Confidential VMs available in all major clouds to isolate and encrypt all of your workloads end-to-end. From the inside, a Constellation cluster feels 100% like Kubernetes as you know it. But for everyone else, from the outside, it’s runtime-encrypted VMs talking over encrypted channels and writing encrypted data.

8- Modal

Your end-to-end stack for cloud compute

PH Launch on 16/11/2022

Upvotes: 20▲

Modal lets you run or deploy machine learning models, massively parallel compute jobs, task queues, web apps, and much more, without your own infrastructure.

With Modal there is no need to install Docker, set up Kubernetes clusters, or even have a cloud provider account. All you need is to run your code through Modal that put it in its own container engine and execute it for you. Modal is helpful to run compute intensive jobs.

Let’s meet again for the December roundup, hopefully there will be new and interesting DevOps tools 🙂

😍 😍 In the meantime, don’t forget to try out the coolest cloud diagramming software : sign up here.

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