The 10 hottest DevOps tools launched in October 2022

DevOps tools ranking

Are you a tech enthusiast, a DevOps or a Dev? Then you are probably looking for the next tool that will save you time !

You landed on the right place because we have compiled a list of the most upvoted DevOps tools of October on Product Hunt. Check out the list below, I am sure there is one that meets your need or one that you don’t even know you need, but you actually really need it 🙂

In this monthly roundup, you will see that serverless tools got the big upvotes!

1- Altogic

Backend as a service platform to develop apps in minutes

PH Launch on 12/10/2022

Upvotes: 1050 ▲

Altogic is the perfect incarnation of what a no code tool is! I would describe it as the Figma for software backend.

It lets you create your application backend with a visual interface. All you need to do is to drag & drop functions and interconnect them. Your backend code will be generated and is ready for deployment. You can define your environment (staging, production..) and deploy your app by geographical location. The hosting is taken care by Altologic directly.

Final step is to link your backend and the according APIs endpoint generated to your frontend.


Altogic offers a free tier up to 2 environments. The next plan cost 25$/month/environment.

2- LiveKit Cloud

Build massive-scale, real-time video and audio experiences

PH Launch on 24/10/2022

Upvotes: 612 ▲

LiveKit Cloud helps you build, deploy and scale real-time video and audio features without having to manage the infrastructure. Livekit cloud is built on top of Livekit, an open source SFU, APIs and SDKs.

Behind the scenes, Livekit streamlines the deployment on kubernetes and support AWS EKS, Google GKE and Digital Ocean DOKS. Switching between Cloud providers is possible without changing any code!


LiveKit Cloud comes with a free monthly tier and then a pay-as-you-go model afterwards.


Reduce your AWS costs by 50% on auto-pilot

PH Launch on 12/10/2022

Upvotes: 328 ▲

Cloud costs is an increasing concern for companies. The average cloud spend by company is as high as 2,2M$/year. That’s why Finops platform have emerged in the past years.

nOps is an automated Finops platform. Their promise is to reduce AWS costs by 50%. How do they do that ?

  • nOps is selling and buying RIs on the AWS marketplace for you
  • They automatically pause instances during non peak hours
  • They provide recommendations to rightsize Kubernetes clusters


The nOps platform has some free tools. When saving you money, they charge a % on the savings made which seems fair !

4- HYCU Protege for AWS

Free no-code, no-script backup for AWS

PH Launch on 15/10/2022

Upvotes: 217 ▲

AWS ensures the infrastructure availability but the customer is responsible for protecting and recovering its data. Thus AWS protégé offers a fully managed service automating AWS backups. There are existing solutions to do backups but they require setting up scripts.


The service is free and does not require any billing right or credit cards.

5-Crunchy Bridge

A modern Postgres database service

Ph launch on 21/10/2022

Upvotes: 50 ▲

Crunchy Bridge offer a fully managed PostgreSQL database. It’s an alternative to Heroku PostgreSQL managed database or Aiven PostgreSQL managed database.

With Crunchy Bridge, the PostgreSQL database can be hosted on AWS, Azure and GCP. It comes with features you expect such as : backups, security, nice CLI…


Crunchy Bridge Hobby Tier starts at 10$/month.


Holori diagramming tool helps DevOps and Cloud Architects design their cloud architecture, estimate its cost and turn their dreamed architecture into a live infrastructure.

It is currently compatible with AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, OVH and Scaleway.

Unlike, Lucidchart or Visio, Holori is way more than just a drawing tool. The software also provides a cost estimation of the designed architecture as well as recommendations to reduce the infrastructure cost. Moreover, the tool compares the cost of an equivalent architecture on other cloud providers which could lead to a reduction in future cloud costs of up to 70%.

Once the user has validated the cloud infrastructure and the provider, Holori can directly provision the designed infrastructure. An alternative is to export the terraform script of the infrastructure and deploy it yourself.

Last but not least, Holori is able to import an existing infrastructure directly from the cloud providers’ console with read-only permissions. This way, users can visualize their infra and identify potential anomalies or unused resources.


Holori comes with a free forever plan with some quotas restrictions. The next plan is at 49$/month/user.

6- oak9

Secure cloud native infrastructure easily

PH Launch on 18/10/2022

Upvotes: 48 ▲

Most of DevOps nowadays use IaC to deploy infrastructure. But with lines of code it’s not an easy task to identify if the infrastructure is secured or compliant with various policies such as GDPR, HIPAA, NIST..

Oak9 tool is parsing your code to detect if there is security vulnerabilities or compliance gaps. Oak9 also provide recommendations on how to fix them.


The tool comes with a free plan named community edition. No credit car or software to install is required.

7- Cast AI

Plug-and-play cloud cost monitoring for Kubernetes

PH Launch on 05/10/2022

Upvotes: 46 ▲

Kubernetes adoption has grown tremendously in the last few years. Tools to visualize kubernetes cost became more and more important especially because it’s not clear and accurate on cloud providers console. Open source initiatives such as opencost exist since 2019. now also offers a free Kubernetes cost monitoring product to provide kubernetes cloud cost visibility, kubernetes cost allocation and real-time monitoring.

8- CloudTempo

Fast & Smart CMD+K for AWS Console.

PH Launch on 15/10/2022

Upvotes: 38 ▲

Everybody knows that navigating the AWS console is like going through SAP. CloudTempo is a chrome browser extension that let you search and navigate through the AWS console faster than ever. Easily find resources, perform actions with single keystrokes.


It comes with a a free plan for 7 days, afterward the license costs 9$/month.

9- Hades

Serverless Dask to make a mockery of your massive workloads

PH Launch on 18/10/2022

Upvotes: 33▲

Modern data scientists needs to set up algorithm but also the infrastructure to run ML and AI tasks. If they don’t have the infrastructure expertise, a devOps will be in charge of setting it up. As compute is one of the main cloud cost driver, bill can quickly become significant.

Hades is a Managed service to autoscale Dask to hundreds of workers. It can save you time and money by curating data and providing simple, supercomputer scale processing ability in only a few lines of code.


Product is only available in beta mode at the moment

10- Zurau

Open source analytics web app to visualize key Kafka metrics

PH Launch on 13/10/2022

Upvotes: 19 ▲

Zurau is an open source tool to monitor Kafka clusters and receive web or slack notifications when metrics goes out of expected range.

The guys behind the software are interested in getting users feedback!

Let’s meet again for the November roundup, hopefully there will be new and interesting DevOps tools 🙂

😍 😍 In the meantime, don’t forget to try out the coolest cloud diagramming software : sign up here.

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