Terraform Graph in CI/CD

Automated Terraform Graphs generation to visualize your infra and put your documentation on Autopilot.

Generate terraform graphs in 3 steps

terraform workflow generation


Connect Holori to your Git flow. Every pull request triggers Holori.


Holori parses Terraform files, compares with previous commits & generates Terraform graphs


Terraform Graph is posted in your PR comment. Going to Holori SaaS you can have more details 

Better Terraform graphs to enhance your infrastructure understanding

Holori introduces an innovative approach to streamline your infrastructure comprehension using Terraform graph. With the Holori platform, you no longer need to deal with the complexity of multiple Terraform files, including Terraform state, main tf, output tf, etc. Our cutting-edge solution promises to consolidate all these files into a single, clear, and coherent Terraform graph, providing you with a comprehensive visual representation of your infrastructure.

terraform graph generator holori

Terraform graphs embedded in your CI/CD

By having Terraform graphs accessible in the CI/CD pipeline, development teams gain real-time visibility into their infrastructure changes. They can instantly assess the impact of each pull request, identifying additions, deletions, and modifications in the infrastructure. This visibility helps in making informed decisions and catching potential issues early in the development cycle.

terraform graph cicd compatibility

Automate cloud infrastructure documentation

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual infrastructure documentation! Thanks to Holori’s advanced capabilities in parsing your Terraform files and seamless integration with your CI/CD system, you can rest assured that any modification to your infrastructure will be automatically documented. This incredible feature saves valuable engineering time every month!

Furthermore, Holori provides you with a user-friendly dashboard where you can effortlessly generate and download a detailed PDF containing additional information about your infrastructure.

terraform documentation

Wanna visualize Terraform Graphs ?

Terraform graph that highlights infrastructure changes

Holori examines your Terraform files and conducts a thorough comparison between your new pull requests and your existing infrastructure, effectively highlighting any changes. Through a straightforward color-coded system and visual representation, you can easily identify the newly added resources, the deleted ones, and the modified elements at a glance.

terraform graph infrastructure changes

Infrastructure visibility across all your organization

In your organization, approved team members have the privilege to review pull requests along with their corresponding Terraform graphs. This company-wide access aids in gaining deeper insights into the timing and locations of introduced infrastructure changes, as well as upcoming modifications. By providing Terraform visibility, potential errors can be detected proactively before they impact your infrastructure.

For collaborative efforts on the Terraform graph, you can access the Holori dashboard, where you and your teammates can work together in real-time, making modifications to the diagram seamlessly.

collaborative terraform work

Terraform graph to resolve infrastructure incident faster

Swiftly investigate infrastructure issues within hours, not days, and efficiently assess and prioritize them through your CI/CD. With comprehensive documentation of all pull requests and clear visibility into infrastructure modifications, pinpointing the source of the issue becomes effortless.

terraform diagram to pinpoint issues

Terraform Graph Visualizer

Instead of integrating Holori with your CI/CD, you have the option to directly import your Terraform files into our software, enabling the generation of Terraform graphs. These graphs will be securely saved, versioned, and readily accessible on the Holori dashboard.

While on the Holori dashboard, you can easily modify the Terraform infrastructure diagram as needed, unlike the CI/CD integration where it remains a static image. This flexibility empowers you to make real-time adjustments and updates to the diagram to suit your evolving infrastructure needs.

terraform graph import in holori dashboard
terraform graph import in holori dashboard

Exhaustive support of cloud providers & terraform versions

Holori has native integration with the Terraform provider of every cloud provider. We have meticulously mapped the entire Terraform repository, ensuring compatibility with all terraform providers and terraform versions . You can confidently use Holori with any cloud service, knowing that it seamlessly supports your specific infrastructure needs.

holori terraform versions and cloud provider support

With Holori Terraform Graph generation, you don’t need to choose anymore between inadequate documentation and wasting valuable DevOps time. You can have it all.