Terraform diagrams in pull requests

Visualize your Terraform, track infrastructure changes and automate documentation  

terraform diagram

Automated terraform diagrams in 3 steps

terraform workflow generation


Associate Holori to your Git hosting service. Each pull request change on your terraform project will trigger Holori action


Holori parses Terraform files, compares with previous commit & generate diagram


Diagrams is posted as a comment in the pull request of your favorite Git hosting service. Going to Holori dashboard you can find more details and see the infrastructure changes’ history

Visualize Terraform files directly in your CI/CD

From mutliple complicated Terraform files (Terraform state, main tf, output tf…) to one clear Terraform infrastructure diagram, that’s the promise of Holori. No need to leave your CI/CD, the terraform diagram is posted in your pull request. 

terraform diagram in github

Visualize your terraform infrastructure changes

Holori scans your Terraform files and compare your new pull requests to your current infrastructure to highlight your infrastructure changes. With a clear color code and a visual representation, you will detect straight away the new resources, the deleted ones and the modified ones.

terraform diagram infrastructure modification

Continuous pipeline documentation with automated Terraform diagrams

No more need to manually document your infrastructure. With Holori parsing your terraform files and connecting to your CI/CD, you can be certain that any change of infrastructure will be documented. Save precious days of engineering time every month!

 In Holori dashboard you can also generate and download a PDF with more information about your infrastructure. 

Azure technical documentation auto generated

Infrastructure visibility across all your organization

Authorized team members across your organization can check pull requests and their according Terraform diagrams. At a company level it helps better understand when & where infrastructure changes were introduced as well as incoming changes. Terraform visibility helps to identify errors before they appear in your infrastructure.

To work collaboratively on the Terraform diagram you can go to Holori dashboard and modify in live the diagram with teamates. 

collaborative terraform work

Faster Pull Request reviews with Terraform diagrams

The team lead can visualize and understand pull requests faster than ever. With the Terraform diagrams, he can understand all the context directly and avoid costly infrastructure mistakes.  

validate terraform diagram pull requests

Wanna generate Terraform diagrams effortlessly?

Infrastructure remediation in hours, not days

Review and prioritize infrastructure issues directly from the DevOps Platform’s interface. With all the pull requests being documented and displaying the infrastructure changes, you can easily pinpoint where the issue is coming from. 

terraform diagram to pinpoint issues

Import your Terraform files in Holori to generate Terraform diagrams

As an alternative to Holori CI/CD integration, you can choose to directly import your Terraform files into Holori software to generate Terraform diagrams. These Terraform diagrams will be saved, versioned and accessible in Holori dashboard for as long as you want. 

On Holori dashboard you can modify the terraform infrastructure diagram whereas on the CI/CD it remains a picture. 

Ensure Infrastructure compliance at an organization level

Holori documenting your infrastructure during its entire lifespan means that you are keeping a detailed record with historical details for in house and third-party compliance auditors.

terraform diagram for compliance report
aws terraform attributes

Compatible with all Terraform versions and cloud providers

Holori works natively with the Terraform provider of every cloud providers. We have mapped the entire Terraform repository so that we are compatible with every providers and every Terraform versions. 

holori terraform versions and cloud provider support

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