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Design Scaleway diagrams in minutes

Holori utilizes the official and current architecture icons from Scaleway, with each icon symbolizing a genuine Scaleway service such as Scaleway Virtual Machines, Scaleway Block Storage, Scaleway Kubernetes, and others.  Furthermore, Holori’s diagramming tool provides complimentary architecture templates that you can easily employ.

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Estimate price of your Scaleway architecture

The Scaleway product lineup offers a diverse range of choices, including varying prices across different Availability Zones, leading to numerous potential configurations. Holori, within each element of the cloud diagram, offers expert recommendations to help users find the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and performance for each Scaleway service. Users enjoy the flexibility to adjust their selection of Scaleway services and explore alternative options, including cost comparisons with Azure and GCP for each individual service. 

Collaborate on Scaleway architecture diagram

IT and DevOps teams are becoming more geographically distributed, a trend that has been propelled by the increasing prevalence of remote work. These teams are in need of fresh collaborative solutions to efficiently oversee their Scaleway infrastructure. This becomes particularly vital as their infrastructure often supports numerous projects, stakeholders, and departments. By making use of Holori’s Scaleway diagramming tool, you can promote transparency across your entire organization

Scaleway terraform metadata in your diagram

For every Scaleway product you include in the architectural diagram, you have the option to define Terraform attributes. This can be used to either generate Terraform configuration files or provide additional architectural information.

scaleway terraform attributes

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