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Ready to start with Holori?

Monthly 20%
$0 Per Month/User
  • 3 multicloud diagrams
  • 1 editor, 5 read-only
  • Cost estimation
  • 1 AWS account/1 Azure subscription/1 GCP project linked
  • Monthly AWS/GCP/Azure auto-sync
  • 1 month data retention
  • 3 on-demand imports/month (AWS, GCP, Azure, Terraform)
  • 50 CI runs to generate terraform diagrams (see addon below)

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$49 Per Month/User
  • All Free features
  • Unlimited diagrams
  • 1 editor, 10 read-only
  • 3 accounts/projects linked
  • Weekly AWS/GCP/Azure auto-sync
  • 3 months data retention
  • 15 on-demand imports/month

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$99 Per Month/User
  • All Individual features
  • 1 editor, 30 read-only
  • 30 accounts/projects linked
  • Daily AWS/GCP/Azure auto-sync
  • 6 months data retention
  • Unlimited on-demand imports
  • Dedicated onboarding

More details

  • All Pro features
  • Unlimited users
  • 50+ accounts/projects linked
  • 5 000+ runs/month
  • Dedicated support

More details

Terraform diagrams in CI/CD

First 50 runs each month are free, then

50 5000
  • Terraform diagram posted in PR comment
  • Access Holori app to visualize repos & diagrams
  • Supported Git providers
  • Supported providers
  • Diff diagram for PR
  • Up to  5000 runs

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Manual Drawing

Number of projects
up to 3
Cloud providers product icons
Share diagram
up to 5 persons/diagram (read-only)
up to 10 persons/diagram (read-only)
up to 30 persons/diagram (read-only)
Template library
Define attributes / metadata
Cloud costs estimations

Import from cloud account (auto-sync)

Supported provider
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
Sync frequency
Monthly sync
Weekly sync
Daily sync
Data retention
1 month
3 months
6 months
Number of provider account
Track changes
Assets inventory
Export infrastructure documentation as PDF
With watermark

On-demand imports*

Number of imports
3 imports/month
15 imports/month

Terraform diagram in CI/CD addon

Diagram posted in PR comment
50 runs for free then $0.5/run
50 runs for free then $0.5/run
50 runs for free then $0.5/run
50 runs for free then $0.5/run
Git provider integrations
Supported cloud providers
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
AWS Logo Azure Logo GCP Logo
Visualize all repos & changes in Holori app
Diff diagram pre/post-PR
Terraform attributes


Online documentation
Slack or Discord channels
Office hours support (CET time)
Dedicated support and onboarding
* On-demand imports: Those imports are manually triggered by the user as opposed to the ones that are automatically synchronized.


Holori App

Yes, with our Free pricing plan you can try every feature to become familiar with the software. Of course the free version comes with quota limitations. You can then upgrade to the Individual plan to unlock more features.

For the CI/CD add-on we offer 50 free runs per month.

Editor is able to modify diagrams. Read-only can only view diagrams.

You can upgrade plan directly in the application. Click on the profile button > your account > upgrade

Don’t worry, your content does not disappear. Your diagrams will be converted to view only. You can always upgrade again your account to get access to premium features.

We rely on Stripe to handle all payment made on Holori’s website.

Security is one of our top priority. Holori stores data in AWS. All data is encrypted using industry best practices.

Holori Add-on

Go to git accounts > associate accounts > install 

The one installing the app is considered as the admin of the organization. No credit card is needed to start and we offer 50 runs/month for free. 

Once the quota is reached you will be asked to enter billing info via Stripe. You will be invoiced at the end of the month based on the number of runs made by all teammates within your organization. 

We consider that a run is performed every time you modify your terraform files as we will process them to generate a new diagram

Your invoice will be calculated by the number of runs in your organization and is not seat based. 

The admin of the organization is the one installing the CICD Add-On. The admin is responsible for managing its organization’s payment options.
To modify the admin within an organization please contact us.

However if co-workers want to modify diagrams in Holori App they need to have a premium plan as well. 

Yes, in this case, the terraform diagrams will be generated in your CI/CD and you can open the diagrams in Holori, but you won’t be able to edit them.

No, if you have entered your billing details for Holori App, you don’t need to enter them a second time. You can edit them if needed.


We invoice you at the end of the month based on the number of runs made within your organization.