Visualize and Optimize OVHcloud costs

Monitor, manage & reduce OVHcloud costs

OVH Cost optimization

Ultimate OVH cost visibility

Get a detailed and real time overview of all your OVH costs organized by cost categories. Use filters to narrow down to what interests you the most in your OVH cloud bill. 

Holori also provides a forecast based on your historical cost trends to let you know where your bill will end up by the end of the month. Set up alerts, notifications and weekly reporting to always be up-to-date. 

OVH Cost visibility and optimization

OVH Cost recommendations

Holori recommend different alternatives such as Rightsizing, Scheduling to optimize your OVH costs. Those recommendations are made based on Holori continuous monitoring of your OVH infrastructure.

OVH cost recommendations

OVH assets inventory

Holori maps your entire OVH resources and display it in an architectural view. This way it’s easy to detect unused or underutilized resources. 

OVH assers inventory and discovery solution

Visualize and Optimize your OVH Costs now

Connect your OVH account securely to Holori

Holori connects to your OVH accounts via read-only permission . To provide a cost dashboard and recommendations, we are connecting securely with OVH APIs to import your OVH infrastructure, the OVH billing info and monitoring of all the OVH resources. 

connect Holori to OVH

Plan your next OVH project costs

Design your next OVH infrastructure or iterate on an existing one. Get OVH cost estimate instantaneously and simulate scenarios to optimize OVH cost from day one. 

Monitor your OVH infrastructure

Dashboard to monitor in real-time your OVH resources. Find underutilized and unused resources to cut your OVH cost. 

OVH monitoring