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Holori makes it easy to design OVHcloud infrastructure & estimate its cost.

OVH architecture diagram tool
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Made to design OVH diagrams

Holori utilizes the latest official OVH Cloud architecture icons, with each icon symbolizing a specific OVH Cloud service, such as OVH Cloud Instances, OVH Cloud Volumes, OVH Cloud Kubernetes, and many others.  Furthermore, Holori’s diagramming tool provides free architecture templates that you can easily employ to create your diagrams.”

OVH cost estimation

OVH offers a diverse range of options with varying prices across different Availability Zones, allowing for numerous configuration possibilities. Holori provides expert guidance to help users find the ideal balance between cost and performance for all OVH Cloud services. Users have the freedom to customize their OVH Cloud service selections and explore alternative options, including cost comparisons to other cloud vendors. 

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Collaborate on your OVH architecture

With Holori diagramming tool, you can collaborate with teammates on your OVH infrastructure. You can for example invite your finance department so that they can see the cost estimation of the newly created OVH architecture diagram. 

OVH Terraform metadata embedded

It’s possible to specify metadata and attributes for every OVH icons in the architecture diagram. Those metadata can be helpful for documentation or for generating the terraform code of your infrastructure. 

OVH terraform metadata

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