OVH announcing good S1 results and confirming its ambition to become one of the largest cloud players

OVH Holori

6 months after its IPO OVH released its S1 2022 results. It is looking good with a revenue of €382 million which is 14% more than expected and 13% more than the previous year for the same semester.

Its growth is mainly driven by the public cloud with a 24% growth and followed by the private cloud products with a 15,8% growth.

OVH is also becoming a worldwide player with a growth of its revenue increasing by more than 106% in the US and nearly 64% on the Asian market.

Overall OVH is adjusting its revenue growth to 15-17% instead of 12,5%-15%. EBITDA margin is maintained at around 40%.

Despite the operational challenges encountered in 2021 on one of their datacenters OVH is on track to deliver its promises.

There is still a long road ahead before becoming a direct challenger of the big ones such as AWS, Azure or GCP. For example GCP, the third largest cloud provider, had more than $13 billion revenues in 2020.

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