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Create awesome cloud diagrams

Connect to your providers console and import or create your projects using full-featured diagrams, visualize and track your entire infrastructure usages at a glance. Live monitoring ensures the health and status of each cloud service.

compare cloud provider costs

Compare cloud offers
& optimize costs

Once your cloud architecture is created, Holori forecasts the cloud costs to deploy your project. Being connected to the pricing APIs of major cloud providers, Holori automatically suggest the best configuration and cloud providers for deployment.

compare cloud provider costs

Share project with all stakeholders

Communicate clearly between dev, devops, IT and non technical team members. Increase transparency and get faster budget approval !

Speed up your deployments

Make your diagram live, let Holori automate your infrastructure deployment. You can also choose to export them as deployment scripts for your CI/CD.

Monitor & analyze your cloud costs

Holori makes it easy to view and manage in real-time all your projects across multiple cloud providers, account and regions. This dashboard view allows to deep dive into the costs, create specific reporting and set-up alarms to meet your budget. 

Optimize your cloud costs

Holori offers a cloud optimization platform that provides smart recommandations, improves your cloud efficiency and ROI. Holori AI algorithms identify and automatically take actions to stop unused resources, rightsize and schedule them.

Migrate & Unleash your infra

With its unique ability to get real time prices from major cloud providers, Holori automatically identifies cloud arbitrage opportunities. This way, Holori will migrate your cloud projects’ infrastructure across the globe between data centers and cloud providers to get the best combination of price and performance.

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