Kubernetes diagram tool

Holori makes it easy to design your Kubernetes architecture. 

Kubernetes architecture diagram software
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Draw and visualize Multicloud diagrams

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Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

Draw and visualize Google diagrams

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Draw and visualize Architecture diagrams

Generate Terraform diagrams

Draw and visualize Mutlicloud diagrams

Draw and visualize GCP diagrams

Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

Tailored to design Kubernetes architecture

All Kubernetes architectural icons are already preloaded in Holori architecture diagramming tool. For example, you will find Kubernetes etcd icons, kube proxy icons, node , control plane icons… Drag and drop them in the grid alongside public cloud provider icons. 

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Collaborate on your K8S architecture

Kubernetes can become very complex very fast. Working with multiple teammates and iterating together on your Kubernetes diagrams can be necessary to reach your goal. 

Kubernetes architecture collaboration

Import your Terraform to generate your Kubernetes diagram

Holori offers the capability to import your terraform files to automatically generate your Kubernetes infrastructure diagram. You can even associate your CI/CD to Holori to generate Kubernetes diagram at every pull request.

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