Cloud Infrastructure Visualization tool

Visualize your AWS, GCP, Azure infrastructure with automatically generated diagram, discover all your assets and their configurations. Monitor and track changes in a graphical way.

Map & visualize your existing infrastructure

Holori connects with read-only access to AWS, GCP or Azure and generate a precise and accurate infrastructure diagram giving you all the context to understand and optimize your cloud infrastructure. 

cloud infra diagram
holori cloud asset monitoring and visualization

Continuous cloud infrastructure monitoring

Holori sync your infrastructure on a daily/weekly basis and highlights the resources that have been added, deleted or modified. Efficiently pinpoint the root cause behind cost changes or service interruption.

holori cloud asset monitoring and visualization

Use filters to display relevant information

Cloud infrastructure can become quite huge quite soon. Use Holori filters to focus on specific regions or to narrow down to specific resources. 

use filters on diagram

Want to turn your cloud blackbox into a clear diagram?

visualize cloud asset configuration

Access the configurations of any assets

Properly understanding your cloud infrastructure means that you can dive into each asset’s secrets and discover its IP addresses, tags, type/size, ID, creation/modified date and dependency. Holori is opening your cloud blackbox.

visualize cloud asset configuration

Explore your infrastructure cost in the diagram

Holori displays directly in the infrastructure diagram the costs of every assets allowing you to easily detect idle resources, expensive ones or misconfigured assets.

visualize cloud cost in infra diagram
finops and cloud visualization tool combined

Combine infra visualization with FinOps dashboard to make the most of your cloud

Optimizing efficiently cloud costs is only possible when you get a clear picture of your infrastructure. You can’t optimize something that you don’t understand.

finops and cloud visualization tool combined

Automated cloud documentation

DevOps hate doing documentation but it’s a necessary evil. But you know what DevOps love? Automation. 

Put your cloud documentation on Autopilot with Holori. Generate the diagram and PDF documentation of all the assets without efforts.

GCP diagram tool

AWS diagram tool

Azure diagram tool