How to ensure a clear and accurate AWS inventory?

As organizations grow their AWS footprint, managing the associated assets becomes increasingly complex. The AWS Management Console, while powerful, can present challenges in obtaining a clear overview of the entire AWS inventory. This article explores the intricacies of AWS inventory management and introduces Holori, a solution designed to streamline the process through automated synchronization and a unique graphical view of your AWS assets.

Why is AWS inventory crucial?

AWS inventory refers to the collective set of resources and services that an organization utilizes within the AWS ecosystem. This includes virtual servers, storage, databases, networking components, and various other services. Effectively managing this inventory is crucial for optimizing costs, ensuring security, and maintaining operational efficiency.

It is essential to ensure reliable data and a transparent understanding of the following aspects:

  • Recognizing resources that are inactive, not monitored, or vulnerable to security threats.
  • Grasping the cost distribution and the extent of tag coverage.
  • Maintaining current and precise audit information.
  • Assessing whether your resources adhere to specific governance controls.
  • Identifying any deviations in infrastructure and alterations in configurations.

Tools offered by AWS to do inventory

AWS console

When dealing with AWS, the AWS Management Console serves as an initial entry point. It grants access to a diverse array of services and functionalities. However, navigating the console’s user interface can be complex and overwhelming. Familiarity with the resources you seek, and their regional locations is essential. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending extensive time navigating through multiple tabs in your browser and hierarchical levels within the AWS Console to find a specific asset.

AWS Config

aws config screenshot

AWS Config offers a inventory of AWS resources, providing real-time insights into configurations and their historical changes. Users benefit from a detailed understanding of resource relationships, aiding in the identification of dependencies within the infrastructure. The service includes a rules engine for defining and evaluating compliance rules, ensuring adherence to security and compliance standards. Additionally, AWS Config allows users to export configuration data in various formats for further analysis or integration with other tools.

Despite these advantages, the service has limitations, such as incomplete coverage of all AWS resource types and potential cost concerns, as increased configuration items may lead to higher expenses. It is specifically tailored for AWS resources, which may limit its applicability in multi-cloud environments. Users should be mindful of the manual activation requirement in all regions for each AWS account and consider the learning curve associated with configuring and effectively utilizing AWS Config.

AWS cost explorer

AWS Cost Explorer can serve as a good tool for managing and optimizing your cloud expenses by providing comprehensive insights into your resource usage and costs. At the same time, the AWS Cost explorer is helpful to understand your AWS resource inventory and the cost impact of each resource.

With AWS Cost Explorer, you can gain a detailed understanding of the resources deployed in your AWS environment. This includes a comprehensive overview of instances, storage, databases, and other services utilized in your infrastructure. The tool offers customizable filters, allowing you to organize and analyze your resource inventory based on various parameters such as service type, region, and tags.

By leveraging AWS Cost Explorer with other AWS native tools such as AWS config, users can track changes in resource usage over time.

Holori can help you manage your AWS inventory more effectively

Holori addresses the complexities of AWS inventory management by introducing an automated synchronization solution coupled with an intuitive diagram view. Let’s delve into how Holori simplifies the process and enhances visibility across the AWS environment.

1. Diagram View for Visual Clarity: Holori goes beyond traditional inventory management tools by offering a unique diagram view that visually represents all AWS assets and their relationships. This provides users with an easily digestible and intuitive representation of their infrastructure, facilitating a quicker understanding of relationships and dependencies.

2. Automated Sync for Real-time Updates: Holori automates the synchronization of AWS assets, ensuring that the inventory data is consistently up-to-date. This also ensures to track and compare historical changes in a graphical way. In red, Asset has been deleted, in green Asset has been added, in yellow Asset has been modified. Having an autonomous sync-diagram eliminates the need for manual updates, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and ensuring that the information presented in the diagram view is always current.

see the evolution of your cloud infrastructure visually

3. Access to detailed resource configuration: When mapping your AWS environment, Holori also imports the configurations of every asset giving you a complete and detailed overview of your AWS inventory. You can identify quickly misconfigurations and take actions to solve them.

Combine AWS inventory and AWS architecture diagram for cloud visibility

4. Customizable Reporting for Tailored Insights: Holori empowers users with filters, allowing organizations to tailor the information displayed on the diagram view based on their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that users can focus on key metrics and insights relevant to their operational requirements.

5. Cost Optimization through Visual Analysis: Leveraging the diagram view, Holori aids in cost optimization by visually representing resource utilization and identifying idle or underutilized assets. This visual analysis enables organizations to make informed decisions on resource allocation and scaling, leading to significant cost savings.

6. Enhanced Security and Compliance: Holori’s diagram view assists in security and compliance efforts by offering a clear representation of the AWS environment. Users can quickly identify any unauthorized or non-compliant resources, ensuring a secure and compliant AWS infrastructure.

Wrap up: Which tool should you choose for your AWS inventory

Just like physical assets, digital assets need to be understood and tracked. Effectively managing AWS inventory is a critical aspect of cloud operations, and the complexities associated with the AWS Management Console can hinder this process.

Instead of combining multiple tools on AWS that can be costly and inefficient, Holori offers an all in one valuable alternative. It synchronizes with your AWS account to centralize and simplify your AWS inventory management. With its unique graphical interface, companies can understand how every cloud resource interact and are configured. By leveraging Holori’s capabilities, organizations can gain better control over their AWS assets, optimize costs, enhance security, and streamline their cloud operations.

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