Holori now ensures continuous infrastructure visibility with AWS Auto-Sync

see the evolution of your cloud infrastructure visually

Holori, the cutting-edge solution for cloud infra visibility, has now elevated its capabilities with the introduction of AWS Auto-Sync, ensuring that your infrastructure visibility is not just a snapshot in time but an ongoing, dynamic representation of your digital landscape.

In the fast-paced world of cloud computing, having a static view of your infrastructure is no longer sufficient. Understanding how your infrastructure evolves over time is crucial for making informed decisions, optimizing costs, and ensuring the security and compliance of your cloud environment.

With Holori AWS Auto-Sync, your infrastructure undergoes continuous updates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your preferred frequency. Each sync operation results in the generation of a fresh infrastructure diagram, an up-to-date asset inventory, and comprehensive documentation. This evolution tracking feature allows you to not only see the current state of your infrastructure but also to rewind and review its changes at various points in time.

The beauty of Holori’s approach lies in its intuitive color-coded system, which simplifies the identification of modifications to your resources. Whether a resource has been added, deleted, or modified, the color code provides a clear and immediate visual cue, making it easy to pinpoint alterations over time.

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Teams struggle to picture their cloud

Continuous cloud infrastructure visibility through Holori answers a spectrum of pivotal questions that DevOps & IT teams teams often grapple with:

  • Why has my cloud bill increased?
  • What’s running in my cloud and how is it configured?
  • My prod env is not working anymore, what happened?
  • How can my colleagues visualize what has changed?
  • How can I keep my infrastructure under control?  
  • How can I ensure and prove that my infrastructure was and still is secured and compliant?
  • How can I ensure my infra is well documented?

Holori continuous visibility platform is the solution

  • Cost Optimization: Holori empowers you to understand and address increases in your cloud bill by allowing you to trace resource changes over time. This transparency is invaluable in identifying the root causes of cost fluctuations and implementing strategic adjustments.

  • Troubleshooting Production Issues: In the event of unexpected issues in your production environment, Holori’s historical tracking enables you to delve into the changes made leading up to the problem. This aids in swift issue resolution and ensures minimal downtime.

  • Collaboration: Holori facilitates effective collaboration among team members by providing a visual representation of infrastructure changes. Colleagues can easily grasp modifications, fostering communication and understanding across the team.
  • Security and Compliance Assurance: The ability to prove the security and compliance of your infrastructure is paramount. Holori’s continuous visibility feature equips you with a historical record of your cloud environment, aiding in audits, compliance checks, and demonstrating that security measures have been consistently upheld.
  • Documentation: Holori ensures that historical documentation is readily available, allowing you to access the details of your cloud infrastructure at any given moment.

Wrap up – Holori visibility platform is game changer

In conclusion, Holori AWS Auto-Sync goes beyond static infrastructure views, providing a dynamic and evolving representation of your cloud environment. By addressing the need for continuous visibility, Holori empowers organizations to make informed decisions, enhance collaboration, optimize costs, and maintain robust security and compliance standards in an ever-changing digital landscape.

With Holori, your infrastructure isn’t just monitored; it’s visually curated, ensuring that your cloud journey is not only seen but vividly comprehended.

Stay ahead with Holori—where the power of visualization transforms cloud management into an insightful and efficient experience.

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