GCP Cost management

Efficiently visualize and manage Google cloud expenses alongside AWS and Azure within a single Finops platform. Identify areas of waste, leverage cost recommendations, and optimize your GCP cloud costs.

The only GCP cost management tool you will ever need

Monitor and manage your Google Cloud expenditure via a user-friendly interface. Ensure precise tracking and detailed analysis of your GCP cloud bills, down to the smallest granularity. Holori offers more than just a dashboard; it delivers the entire FinOps workflow tailored to fulfill your cost reporting and optimization requirements.

FinOps and DevOps finally reunited

FinOps teams seek cost insights and metrics presented in a  dashboard, while DevOps prefer to see a diagram of their GCP infrastructure. With Holori’s GCP Cost Management tool, access both views seamlessly.

Optimize your GCP cloud bill

Leverage Holori recommendations to effectively decrease your Google Cloud expensesy. Seamlessly identify dormant resources for deactivation, fine-tune oversized instances to an optimal size, and leverage commitment options to streamline your GCP billing.

All FinOps features you are expecting

Search with smart filters, create views to allocate spend, access cost breakdown, define budgets, set up alerts, attribute virtual tags, activate cost recommendations.   

It just takes 5 min to get you started and connect GCP to Holori

Set up custom views and allocate GCP expenditures

Organize segments of your Google Cloud infrastructure into saved views for streamlined management. Save various views to focus on specific cost segments and re-use them as necessary. Facilitate team collaboration by sharing these views and set up alerts to ensure effective spending control and optimization as needed.

Configure alerts to avoid bad surprises

Receive instant notifications for unexpected spikes in Google Cloud expenses. Act promptly and get notified through Slack or email. Customize alerts to your team’s specific requirements by defining personalized rules, thresholds, and patterns aligned with your cost management preferences.

Do you know 30% of cloud resources are wasted?

Think you do better?

A GCP Cost management platform with multicloud capabilities

90% of companies are multicloud. Aggregate your GCP cloud expenses with those from other cloud providers into a unified cloud cost dashboard. Effectively manage all your cloud costs consistently within the Holori FinOps suite.

Understand the context behind any cost increase or decrease

Holori monitors your GCP cloud infrastructure and highlight in the diagram view what resources have been added, deleted or modified enabling a swift understanding of the factors contributing to fluctuations in your GCP cloud bill.

GCP cost management and optimization tool

AWS cost management and optimization tool

Azure cost management and optimization tool