Cross cloud cost optimization

 Holori analyzes your current infra and recommend migration opportunities (full or partial) to other cloud vendors. Save costs significantly or boost performance by using multiple providers to your advantage like in any other industry. 

3 steps : Audit, Convert & Compare, Estimate


Audit your existing infrastructure

Holori map your existing infrastructure on AWS, GCP or Azure and generate a clear infrastructure diagram of every assets you have. 


Compare & convert infrastructure

Holori convert your existing infrastructure into an equivalent one at another cloud provider. Visualize what it would look like if you were to migrate your infrastructure at another vendor. Evaluate the new vendor service coverage. 


Estimate how much savings you could have by moving to another vendor

Holori retrieves your existing cloud bill and simulates how much your infra would cost at the new vendor. The cost at the new vendor is based on a precise estimate price and without any negociated discounts.

Did you know that alternative vendors (OVH, OCI, Scaleway, DO...) are 30% to 60% cheaper than Hyperscalers?