Build awesome
multi cloud diagrams

Visualize your cloud infrastructure, estimate its costs, deploy!

Cloud diagram with 3D view

Connect Holori to your accounts

cloud diagrams icons

Create/import cloud diagrams

Visually design your infrastructure using cloud vendors’ icons, customizable components or the template library. By connecting your cloud account to Holori, you can easily import your infrastructure and make it humanly readable .

cloud architecture diagram

Forecast the cost of your architecture

Understand the costs of each component in your diagram. Holori compares the costs of each services from major cloud providers and give recommendations of the best configurations for each service. Enter your on-premise running costs in Holori to compare cloud vs on-premise costs.

estimate cloud costs

Collaborate and share cloud diagrams

It’s always more enjoyable to collaborate in real-time with teammates and have their markups directly in the diagram.

Once your project is ready, you can share it with your IT/Finance department for budget approval. 

collaboration on cloud diagrams

Tag your cloud resources

Directly tag your resources in the diagram.  Identify which resource is allocated to which role in  a project or team.  

tagging strategy on cloud architecture diagrams

Export your architecture

Make your diagram live! By connecting to your cloud accounts you are able to export and deploy your architecture seamlessly. Holori also generates deployment configuration for your Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi…

Of course diagrams can be exported in  PDF, PNG, Json and technical documentation is automatically generated.

export to terraform

Monitor your infrastructure

By connecting to your cloud providers’ accounts, Holori displays the health and status of each resource in real-time. Receive notifications, alerts and identify points of failure. 

cloud metrics monitoring

Overview of your entire IT infrastructure

Visualize the full picture of your infrastructure across different geographical zones, departments or projects. Identify if anything is unused or unidentified to reduce cost and security breach. 

monitor Cloud infrastructure in real time

Draw and visualize architecture diagram

Draw and visualize GCP diagrams

Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

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Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

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Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Draw and visualize GCP diagrams

on premise

Draw and visualize On-Premise diagrams