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Holori cloud diagram in 3D view
on premise

Draw and visualize architecture diagram

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Draw and visualize GCP diagrams

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Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

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Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

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Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

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Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Draw and visualize GCP diagrams

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Draw and visualize On-Premise diagrams

Create/import cloud diagrams

Visually design your diagram using cloud vendors’ official and latest icons, customizable components and connectors. Instead of starting from scratch, you may want to start using the template library.

 By connecting your cloud account to Holori, you can easily import your existing infrastructure and make it humanly readable. If you prefer, you can also import the terraform script, to create your cloud diagram in an instant.

cloud architecture diagram

Diagram that supports all cloud providers

From large hyperscalers to more local cloud provider, we got your back. We gather and sort all provider’s services by category : Compute, Storage, Network, serverless, Database… If you are not familiar with any cloud providers services, you can use the generic icons made for each category to design your cloud diagram.
cloud diagram for multiple cloud providers

Estimate the cost of your future infrastructure

Our motto is : Deploy first time right. In most cases, when you choose a provider to deploy a new project, you will be committed for sometimes and that’s why forecasting carefully the cost prior to deployment is key for your peace of mind. Thus, Holori estimates the cost of each item in your cloud diagram to provide an accurate estimation of the overall project. Furthermore, Holori compares more than 50 000 products from major cloud providers to provide recommendations of equivalent infrastructure at a cheaper price or better performance. This way, we help our customers save as much as 70% in cloud costs !
estimate cloud costs

Deploy your architecture

Make your diagram live! Holori is not just a drawing tool, once you are done with the designing phase, you can turn the diagram into a real infrastructure.
By connecting to your cloud accounts APIs, Holori is able to export and deploy your infrastructure seamlessly. For the moment, Holori can connect to AWS console, Azure console and GCP console.  This way the cloud diagramming tool becomes the cloud console you have always dreamed of: simple, efficient, multi-cloud!

In some cases, companies’ policies don’t allow third party software the right level of permission to make infrastructure provisioning. This is why, we also offer Infrastructure as Code such as Terraform, so that you can use the work that has been done at the designing stage and export the terraform script to provision your infrastructure all by yourself. 

Of course, we also offer more standard export such as PDF, PNG for your cloud diagrams.

export to terraform

Ready to get started ?

Better teamworks with cloud diagrams

Cloud diagram is a complicated and tricky topic. Having a visual support will help your teams to work more smoothly, reduce errors and align their thoughts.
It’s even more true in large organization where DevOps and IT teams are often scattered around the globe making it hard to communicate.
With Holori cloud diagram software, teams are able to work together, faster and better. Onboarding of new team members is also facilitated.

Finally, business teams always struggle to understand the cloud ecosystem but need to control costs. With Holori, you can demonstrate that you have done multiple benchmarks before purchasing resources. 

collaboration on cloud diagrams

Tag your cloud resources

Cloud became so complicated over the years that companies started to set up tagging policies to have a better view and control on their cloud resources. Often placing tags on instances is an annoying and exhausting process because it’s hard to identify the resources you want to tag. Doing this on a cloud diagram simplify the process extremely. Indeed,  with a visual support, it’s very easy to identify the right resource and understand the connection between elements.

tagging strategy on cloud architecture diagrams

Cloud diagrams with adaptive views

Many different stakeholders (DevOps, Cloud Architect, IT) will use the cloud diagramming tool within an organization. Hence, users need different types of information and that’s why Holori provides filters to adjust the views from a macro to a micro level.  At a macro view the IT manager can see his entire resources on the globe  whereas a DevOps can filter down to a specific datacenter or availability zone. 

Save up to 70 % on cloud bills

10X time faster from design to deployment

100% visibility on cloud resources and their costs

Holistic view of your infrastructure

By connecting to your cloud providers’ accounts, Holori displays the health and status of each resource in real-time and give you an overview of your global infrastructure in a glimpse. Holori provides realtime metrics such as CPU, Ram, Disk usage… Live monitoring is available for AWS, GCP and Azure.

cloud metrics monitoring

Say NO to cloud certification

One of the promise of cloud was to make infrastructure management simple. Unfortunately, the cloud battle between providers added an extra layer of “specificity” to use their cloud platform ensuring a good vendor lock-in. As of today, it’s hard to find a DevOps, architect that is able to master more than two cloud platforms. And even for mastering one platform, DevOps need to take certification programs.

This is why, with Holori cloud diagram software you can draw a generic diagram, enter your requirements and we will turn it into a cloud provider specific diagram. We can convert from Generic to AWS, to Azure to Google cloud.


no need for certification to use cloud services

Speed up Terraform learning curve

Terraform and more generally Infrastructure as Code emerged as a market practice because it automates the provisioning of infrastructure . Unfortunately, it’s not standardized between cloud providers and you need to go to the Terraform documentation to find the right attributes. 

Holori makes it easier as we have already listed all the attributes for each resource type and for every cloud provider. You just need to fill them up and export your Terraform. Having a visual support on top of your terraform script will help reduce errors! 


cloud metrics monitoring

Connect Holori to your accounts

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