Cloud Cost Optimization tool

Holori provides recommendations to save money and optimize cloud costs. Identify unused resources, rightsize instances, use commitment properly to reduce your cloud bill. 

Visualize and Understand your costs

The first step toward optimizing your cloud costs is to aggregate them into one FinOps platform and allocate your spend with virtual tags to understand the main cost drivers. 

cloud cost reduction recommendations

Activate Holori recommendations to optimize cloud costs

Holori provides impartial, top-tier cost recommendations across various cloud infrastructure and cloud providers. As your cloud environment is in constant evolution, Holori monitors it and surfaces cost optimization recommendations such as identifying unused resources, right-sizing, and committed use discounts.

cloud cost reduction recommendations

Stop paying for resources you are not using

Every company has resources that have been provisioned but are no longer in use. With Holori you can detect those unused resources and deactivate them to cut costs. Only pay for what you use. 

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Do you know 30% of cloud resources are wasted?

Think you do better?

Holori cloud cost optimization tool

Rightsize instances to save costs

Most companies overprovision cloud resources leading to high costs. Holori monitors your usage trends and patterns to provide rightsizing recommendations and reduce your cloud expenditures. 


Purchase commitment plans to optimize cloud costs tremendously

Leverage Holori’s commitment recommendations to significantly reduce your cloud expenses. While on-demand services offer flexibility, commitments ensures a more budget-friendly cloud bill. Utilize Holori’s objective recommendations for Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to optimize your cloud consumption while minimizing costs

activate cloud cost recommendations
cross cloud cost optimizations

Evaluate cross cloud scenarios to cut your cloud costs

There is a significant cost difference between providers. Why not use this to your advantage to reduce your cloud costs? Holori simulates migration scenarios to assess technical feasibility and determine potential savings at other cloud providers. 

cross cloud cost optimizations

GCP cloud costs optimization tool

AWS cloud costs optimization tool

Azure cloud costs optimization tool