Cloud infrastructure​ Budgeting ​

Define your budget and receive alerts if you’re at risk of exceeding it

Easily define budget

Establish a budget, allocate it to specific views, resources or tags and visualize the budget threshold alongside your costs. 

define cloud budget easily
define cloud budgets and alerts

Be alerted before costs exceed budgets

Define threshold for every budget you create. When you are close to the threshold, be notified by email or slack channels. Avoid any bad surprises. 

alerting on cloud cost spend

Do you know that 39% of companies exceed their budgeted spend on the cloud?

Visualize all your budgets and deviation in one place

Holori budget dashboard is your single plane of glass to see all the budgets you have defined and how they stack up against current costs. Ensure no overspending at the organization level. 

visualize budgets on teams and allocate spend
Holori cloud cost estimation

Estimate costs before budgeting

Planning carefully your project, the architecture and estimating the costs is crucial before taking any budget decision. Holori offers a graphical cloud calculator that lets you design and plan your infrastructure while estimating the cost. 

Define GCP cloud budget

Define AWS cloud budget

Define Azure cloud budget