One place to define all your Cloud Alerts

Stay up-to-date with your Cloud infrastructure across all providers and resources. Avoid bad surprises. 

Define alerts for all your needs

Want weekly reporting ? Want real-time alerts? Holori got your back. You can set up alerts for all use cases. Be notified when cost threshold is breached, when overbudget, when infrastructure is modified…You can create as many alerts as you want for all the views you have defined.

Receive alerts by Email, Slack and Teams

Never miss alerts. Receive them in your daily tools such as Slack channels, Teams or by Email. Make sure not only you but also your whole team get the Alerts. 

It just takes 5 min to get you started and be alerted when something happens in your AWS, Azure or GCP infra

Get alerted on Cloud Costs

Be notified when the cost for a specific view just exceeded or is about to exceed the defined threshold. Holori anomaly detection will also be triggered if anything suspicious is detected. Address the alerts and restore cloud costs to their normal levels.

alerting on cloud cost spend
holori cloud asset monitoring and visualization

Get alerted on infrastructure change

Be notified when the resource count surpasses the defined count.

Get weekly cloud reporting

Remain proactive on your cloud infrastructure with weekly reporting that show costs trends, infrastructure changes, tag coverage..

Set up GCP alerts

Set up AWS alerts

Set up Azure alerts