Azure Cost management

Manage your Azure cloud costs and combine them with AWS and GCP costs in one holistic FinOps platform. Identify inefficiencies, leverage cost-saving suggestions, and optimize your Azure cloud bill.

Holistic Azure cost management plaform

Visualize and manage all your Azure expenses from multiple accounts and subscriptions within a single, user-friendly dashboard. Holori provides comprehensive FinOps features tailored to help you comprehend and optimize your Azure cloud costs: smart filtering, tagging, budgeting, recommendations, asset inventory and more.

The only FinOps tool that actually shows the infrastructure

Go beyond simple Finops dashboard and delve deep into the inner workings of your Azure infrastructure with Holori. Gain precise insights into your cloud configuration, as understanding your current environment is paramount to any optimization efforts.

explore and visualize cloud resources in diagram

Reduce your Azure cloud costs

Utilize Holori’s advanced recommendations to significantly reduce your Azure cloud expenses. Seamlessly identify and deactivate dormant resources, fine-tune oversized instances for optimal sizing, and explore commitment options to optimize your Azure billing effectively.

Holori cloud cost optimization tool

Explore your Azure cloud bill at any granularity

Navigate through your Azure cloud costs between categories and resources. Identify which resources are driving the costs and how they are configured. 

It just takes 5 min to get you started on our Azure cost management & optimization tool

smart filters on your cloud bill

Allocate your Azure spend effectively and consistently

Use our virtual tagging capability to categorize your Azure resources according to your organization’s requirements. Allocate spending per team, environment, or region effortlessly without the necessity of relabeling original resources. Group segments of your Azure infrastructure to re-use them and create custom cost reports.

Set up alerts to prevent issues and poverty

Set up notifications that are triggered when specific thresholds are reached, or opt for proactive weekly reporting in your preferred daily tools such as Teams or via Email. Never miss out on Azure updates even when you are not logged in your favorite Azure Cost management & optimization tool.

alerting on cloud cost spend

Do you know 30% of cloud resources are wasted?

Think you do better?

Azure cost management platform that fits your multicloud needs

When working with numerous providers, businesses require FinOps tools to streamline and standardize their cost management processes across multiple vendors. One cost management and optimization tool to rule them all.

holori cloud cost management tool integrations

Azure infrastructure monitoring to contextualize cost changes

Holori keeps a close watch on your Azure cloud infrastructure, providing a diagram view that clearly indicates any additions, removals, or modifications to resources. This facilitates a quick grasp of the elements influencing changes in your Azure cloud bill.

holori cloud asset monitoring and visualization

GCP cost management and optimization tool

AWS cost management and optimization tool

Azure cost management and optimization tool