AWS Cost management

Visualize and manage your AWS cloud costs alongside GCP and Azure costs in one Finops tool. Identify waste, activate cost recommendations and optimize costs.

Comprehensive AWS Cost management tool

Access and oversee your AWS cloud expenses through a user-friendly interface. Analyze costs down to the resource level, pinpointing the key drivers behind expenditures. Centralize all AWS account expenses into a unified interface tailored to your Finops requirements. 

One tool that meets DevOps and FinOps needs

Finops teams want to see cost insights and metrics in Grafana like dashboard whereas DevOps want to visualize their infrastructure in a Drawio like graphical interface. Access both view in Holori AWS Cost management tool.

Save on your AWS costs

Use Holori recommendations to reduce your AWS cloud expenses effectively. Identify unused resources effortlessly and deactivate them, adjust over-provisioned instances to the right size, and activate commitments to optimize your AWS bill.

It just takes 5 min to get you started and connect all your AWS accounts to Holori

Create views and allocate your AWS spend

Group segment of your AWS infrastructure into saved views for efficient management. Save multiple views to concentrate on specific cost segments and reuse them as needed. Foster collaboration within your team by sharing these views, and establish alerts to maintain effective spending control and optimization when required.


Configure alerts to promptly detect any sudden increases or anomalies in your AWS cloud costs

Get real-time notifications for unexpected increases in AWS cloud expenses. Take swift action and receive notifications via Slack or email. Tailor alerts to your team’s precise needs by establishing custom rules, thresholds, and patterns that match your cost management preferences.

Stop using 10 different tools for AWS Cost management

AWS Console, AWS Cost explorer, AWS config, AWS Resource explorer, AWS Workload discovery are reunited into one tool : Holori AWS Cost management.

Do you know 30% of cloud resources are wasted?

Think you do better?

AWS Cost management tool with Multicloud in mind

Combine all your AWS expenses with other cloud providers’ expenses into one cloud cost dashboard. Manage all your cloud costs in a consistent manner In Holori FinOps suite. 

Monitor your AWS infrastructure changes

Holori displays graphically how your infrastructure has evolved. This allows you to quickly grasp why your AWS bill has increased or decreased.

GCP cost management and optimization tool

AWS cost management and optimization tool

Azure cost management and optimization tool