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Automatically generate diagrams from your cloud account and visualize your AWS infrastructure

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Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Draw and visualize AWS diagram

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Draw and visualize Azure diagrams

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Map your AWS cloud resources automatically

Holori cloudmapper will analyse your cloud environment, query your cloud resources and auto generate an AWS infrastructure diagram representing your current infrastructure. Holori AWS workload discovery tool provides a complete and clear picture of all the resources your company has deployed on AWS.

Auto generate AWS diagram

An AWS visualization tool

You just landed on a new project and you have no idea what is already deployed? 

It’s ok, Holori is here to query your AWS resources and generate a diagram making it easy to visualize your AWS infrastructure and understand the logic and interconnections between every component. Lines, VPC, subnet and locations are auto generated so that you get a clear a clear picture of what’s going on in an instant.   


AWS icons to create infrastructure diagram

Terraform reverse your AWS infrastructure

From infrastructure to code, this is one of the promise of Holori cloud mapper. You have deployed your infra manually but want to shift to infra-as-code without rewriting everything from scratch? Holori will automatically generate the diagram and the Terraform script matching what you have in your AWS cloud console. For further iteration, you can reuse the Terraform code and modify it visually with the terraform attributes of each resource. Converting an AWS infrastructure into Terraform code has never been made easier!

terraform reverse for AWS

Save days of a cloud consultant mapping your cloud environment

100X time faster than writing terraform form scratch

100% visibility on cloud resources and their costs

Securely connect your account to Holori AWS Cloud Mapper

We know that authorizing access to a third party application is always stressful. This is why we have implemented the latest AWS security practices to connect to your cloud account. Holori connects with cross account role and only requires read only permissions to import your infrastructure. You can even restrict permissions to specific resources, Holori Cloud mapper will only import and display resources that he is authorized to.

AWS Cloud mapper security

Filter and save your views

Once you have imported your resources in Holori AWS visualisation tool, you can filter the project by different views such as : by location, by VPC, by project name. You can save each view into a new project ensuring that you work efficiently on what matters to you. 

AWS Cloud mapper views

Holori AWS Cloud Mapper synchronisation

For each project that has been imported in Holori cloud mapping tool, you can define the frequency of refresh. This way you can have diagrams updated on a daily basis or as soon as you perform any modifications on your AWS infrastructure. 

AWS Cloud mapper sync with diagram

Holori AWS Cloud Mapper
AWS Perspective

AWS offers a service that map the cloud resources and display it as a diagram. This service was known as AWS perspective and is now called AWS Workload Discovery. This tool is too complicated to install as it requires to spin up multiple services to make it work. Its minimum cost per month is 425$ and it obviously works only with AWS.

Holori AWS Cloud mapper vs AWS perspective

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