Architecture Diagram

Generate AWS diagrams from your existing infrastructure, visualize your resources and automate documentation !

AWS architecture diagram tool
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Draw and visualize Multicloud diagrams

Generate Terraform diagrams

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Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Map your AWS cloud resources

Import your AWS infrastructure and visualize it

Are you lost on your AWS console? Uncertain about your resource inventory?

Connect your AWS account to Holori with read-only permissions and import your AWS cloud infrastructure.  You will be able to visualize your infrastructure and all your cloud resources in an AWS infrastructure diagram. Gain a clear understanding of the resource dependencies & configurations. Identifying anomalies, unused resources, or security breaches becomes a straightforward task!

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Track your AWS infra changes visually

Holori Sync daily with your AWS account and generate automatically an up-to-date AWS diagram. With a clear and simple color code, you can quickly identified what was added, deleted or modified in your AWS account compared to the previous sync. Go back in time and find what happened ! 

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Filters the AWS diagram to see what matters

You have more than 500 resources in your AWS infrastructure?  Filters help you navigate, find what’s important for you, create specific views for various stakeholders. Tailor the AWS architecture diagram to your needs!

Map your AWS cloud resources

Draw and visualize Mutlicloud diagrams

Draw and visualize AWS diagrams

Generate Terraform diagrams

AWS Resource inventory

Holori lists all the AWS cloud resources you are using as well as provide its current configuration. Combining the AWS inventory list with the AWS architecture diagram is helpful to understand where the resources are located and how they interact with one another. 

Combine AWS inventory and AWS architecture diagram for cloud visibility

Generate your AWS documentation effortlessly

With Holori Auto-Sync running in the background you can focus on what truly matters while the documentation gets automatically generated. The documentation contains the diagram of your AWS infrastructure, the list of all your resources and its configurations. 

Technical documentation report AWS

You hate doing documentation
Why not automate it?

The most comprehensive AWS architecture diagram software

Holori is an all-in-one solution for designing, visualizing, forecasting, and documenting your infrastructure on AWS. You have all the tools integrated into one user interface, including AWS architecture icons, AWS architecture templates, AWS prices, terraform variables…

most comprehensive aws architecture diagram tool

From Terraform to AWS diagram

Import your Terraform files and automatically generate an AWS architecture diagram. This makes it easy to generate documentation, understand your terraform code or depict issues in your Terraform files. 

Using it with the Terraform CI/CD Add-on, you can generate AWS diagrams automatically in your Pull Requests’ comment and make sure that your AWS diagrams reflects your current infrastructure.

terraform graph infrastructure changes

Get fast and accurate AWS cloud cost estimation

Create and forecast the cost of your AWS infrastructure during the design phase. When you create an AWS diagram you can estimate the cost of the whole AWS architecture you have designed as well as drill down to each component you are using in your diagram. You can use Holori to simulate scenarios and cut your cost! 

price forecast for AWS architecture diagram

AWS architecture diagram tool and much more...

The cloud is not just AWS, and that’s the reason we support other cloud providers such as Azure, GCP, Alibaba,  Oracle, Digital Ocean, Linode, OVH, and Scaleway. Create multi cloud infrastructure diagram that reflects your infrastructure !

AWS devops tool

Cut your cloud bills
by 70%

Holori AWS architecture diagram software makes it easy for you to estimate and simulate how much your AWS diagram would cost in different availability zones. Indeed, this simple trick could make you save a lot of money because the price between AWS regions is very different. 

Using the full power of Holori AWS diagram software, you can even compare how much it would cost using a totally different cloud provider such as GCP, Scaleway, and OVH that may have more attractive prices.

AWS diagram cost benchmarking

Already convinced by our AWS architecture diagram
software ?

A good AWS architecture diagramming tool for beginners

If you’re new to AWS, you might not know where to start when designing your cloud infrastructure. Holori will help and guide you with its well-structured icons category list so that you can master AWS services and make diagrams in a few minutes.  Holori architecture diagram software is also perfect for anyone who wants to understand their cloud infrastructure as you can visualize your current setup and make informed decisions about what changes need to be done.

AWS template

Create your infrastructure using terraform

Holori can turn your AWS cloud diagram into a live AWS infrastructure through Terraform. Prior to deploying, you need to fill the Terraform attributes for each resources in our AWS diagram tool. Once filled you can export your infrastructure as code. Terraform is an open-source tool for creating, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. This makes it easy to automate large-scale deployments of complex infrastructures without the need for manual interaction with servers or cloud provider APIs.

aws terraform attributes

AWS architecture diagram tool to improve teamwork

To enhance efficiency and work productivity, teams now require new tools to work together on their AWS infrastructure. Particularly in such a fast-changing environment where applications keep updating on a regular basis. Holori is an AWS architecture diagram tool that can be used to create and share AWS architecture diagrams in a collaborative and transparent remote work environment.

aws architecture diagram tool for collaboration

Use the latest and official AWS icons

Holori provides you with the latest and updated AWS cloud icons. Drag and drop the product icon from the menu on the left side and quickly design your dreamed AWS architecture diagram.

AWS official architecture icons

Start fast with our AWS template library

Do you want to use an AWS architecture template to make your work easy and fast? You can use pre-existing AWS templates provided by Holori and then make changes to fine-tune the AWS template to your needs.  Get access to a library of free selected templates.

Holori aws architecture diagram software template library

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