Visio vs Holori

Creating Architecture Diagrams was never so easy, Holori tool helps you create amazing customized Cloud Diagrams.

visio vs holori

Do you use a floppy disk/ CD / DVD to store a pdf or any other document? No!

So why are you planning to use Visio to draw an Architecture Diagram when you can use the latest innovative diagramming product of Holori to visualize and deploy cloud diagrams.

Visio is a good generalist tool for drawing. But for DevOps and Cloud Architects it has many limitations. On the other hand, Holori’s software ensures that every Cloud Architect, Developer, and DevOps have access to a comprehensive and robust cloud management tool to power up their work.

Visio vs Holori feature comparison

Visio vs Holori comparison

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Why you should use Holori as an alternative to Microsoft Visio?


Struggling to understand your existing infrastructure? Import it in Holori cloud diagram software and reverse engineer it to visualize all your cloud resources and interconnections in minutes !


Microsoft Visio comes with limitations for DevOps and Cloud Architects, thus you need to use additional tools on top. Holori covers you for all services from designing architecture diagrams, estimating prices of the architecture to deploying your infrastructure, all in a single app.


Holori provides a multi-cloud calculator where you can compare and choose the best cloud components at the cheapest price. You can choose products from GCP, AWS, Azure, OVH cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Linode etc and reduce significantly your cloud spendings.

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What is Visio?

Visio is a drawing software by Microsoft. It can be used to create a wide range of diagrams, including pyramid Diagrams, cycle diagrams, basic flowcharts, Venn diagrams, Business matrices, process diagrams, Basic network diagrams, block diagrams, Infographic timelines, organizational charts, basic diagrams, 3D maps, building plans, brainstorming diagrams etc

Visio may be a good investment if you want to draw different types of charts or graphs but it is not so advanced when it comes to cloud architecture diagrams. Hence,  it is not worth the money if you are planning to use it for visualizing/ designing and deploying architecture diagrams.

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What is Holori?

Holori is a new innovative and powerful architecture diagramming tool for the cloud industry. You may use it to create and visualize architecture diagrams, compare costs of various cloud products, reduce the cost of your existing or new cloud infrastructure, switch from one cloud provider to another, and share cloud architecture diagrams with your team for efficient collaboration. 

Overall, Holori is developed exclusively for cloud architects/DevOps and provides far more value to them than any other cloud drawing tool.

Visio vs Holori key differences (Five reasons why you need a better tool than Visio )

Cloud Cost estimation and benchmarking

Once you have designed your cloud architecture diagram, Holori tool will estimate its overall cost. You can then try out different scenarios to reduce cost. Holori will even suggests how much your architecture would cost on other cloud provider.  

Using Microsoft Visio, you cannot forecast the cost of your Cloud Architecture Diagram.

Compare Azure VM

Embedded Cloud Icons

When you use Holori, the diagramming tool already has all the latest and updated icons preloaded in its interface making it convenient to use.

When using Visio you need to download cloud icons file separately and upload them into Visio. Indeed, GCP or AWS icons aren’t available from start. You may need to download some extensions to download additional icons

GCP icons list

Easy documentation

In Holori, when you click on any component in the Architecture Diagram, metadata, specifications and attributes of the components are displayed by default. A resource’s settings and metadata are presented on the right side of the diagram when you click on it.

In Visio, metadata or attributes are not displayed for any of the icons. You can add a small note for any component and that too can only be added in the desktop software; it cannot be added in Visio online tool.

Export azure terraform to deploy infrastructure

A clear pricing model

Holori has a very transparent pricing model with powerful features. 

Concerning Visio, there are many types of subscriptions such as Standard, Professional, Plan1, Plan 2 etc. As opposed to Holori, it is very confusing for a person visiting Visio for the first time to understand which plan is the right one. Furthermore, Visio desktop application and web application have some differences so a customer can miss out on some features.

visio vs holori pricing

Visio vs Holori: Desktop vs Web-based

Visio is a file-based software and runs mainly on windows. Even its online version is not so effective on mac, unlike Holori which works smoothly on all browsers.

Multiple users can’t work simultaneously on the Visio desktop app. As a result, only one person can work on a diagram and if he wants to share it with another team member, he needs to download the file and share it. This is very frustrating and limits efficient collaboration.

Teamwork on Azure architecture diagram

Integration with Cloud Providers

Holori can connect to your cloud console provider to import existing infrastructure and display it into a comprehensible visual diagram. You can then edit the diagram and perform architecture changes directly on the diagram. Once you are satisfied with your new architecture Holori will take care of making the changes in your infrastructure by adding or removing ressources.

Visio vs Holori : Visio doesn’t have any integration with cloud providers, thus diagrams are just static images.

import terraform or connect to SSO

Cloud industry specific

Visio doesn’t know that you are creating a cloud architecture diagram and it treats it as just another diagram. Holori on the other hand is made precisely to design, visualize, document and deploy Cloud Infrastructure. So its algorithm perfectly knows that you are designing an AWS diagram, GCP diagram or Azure diagram and therefore more cloud specific features are available.

export terraform code from diagram
Visio Customer Review
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"I spent 6+ months getting familiar with Visio. I discovered Visio to be cumbersome and difficult to master, and some of the functions they advertise, such as "auto-align," I was never able to find useful. The diagram's placement and order were consistently screwed up. The fonts and colour schemes also have a tendency to make the diagrams appear a little outdated. particularly if Visio is an older version. I believe that anything older than 2019 has default settings that make my diagrams appear to have been created in the 1990s.”
Visio Customer Review
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"Sharing diagrams is a huge hassle because you have to regularly export them to PDF and question who has the most recent version, among other issues. However, I always discovered that copies were being stored at my local storage, which only made the issue worse. I frequently had to repeat the same adjustments to a diagram because I lost or misplaced an updated copy."

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