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and cost optimization platform

Bringing infrastructure visibility and cost dashboard together to understand your cloud and optimize costs.

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Ultimate cost visibility

Holori consolidates your cloud expenses coming from various providers into one dashboard.  Using filters you are able to navigate and allocate your expenses across teams, project, providers and beyond. Apply Virtual Tags to maintain an harmonious tagging policy cross provider.

Infrastructure visibility
& Assets Inventory

Connect your cloud account to Holori and map your existing infrastructure. Holori Auto-Sync generates an infrastructure diagram on a daily/weekly basis containing all your cloud assets and their configurations. Visually track changes in your infrastructure. Automatically document your cloud infrastructure.

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Optimize your cloud costs

Holori provides best in class cost optimization recommendations to ensure that no money is wasted. See in a glance unused resources, commited discounts available and rightsizing options.  Activate recommendations and start saving on your cloud bill.

Holori cloud cost optimization tool

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All in one cloud cost management platform

Connect, Visualize, Optimize

Connect with every cloud providers in minutes

Tailor and save views, create custom reports

One place to centralize and visualize all your cloud costs

Create your own custom alerts and be always up-to-date

Visualize and understand your infrastructure like never before

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